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You Get 3 (Three) Razor Credit Card Knives As Seen Below, Plus An Exclusive Bonus

You Get 2 Items As Shown Below, Plus An Exclusive Bonus

You Get 2 Items As Seen Below, Plus An Exclusive Bonus

The X-Flare Fire Starter 9.95

P-51 Military Survival Can Opener $5.95

BONUS: 1 FREE Tactical Folding Knife $24.95

BONUS: You get to download the entire Survival Hacks Training Library for FREE (200+ ebooks and tutorials) $16.95

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2 Razor Credit Card Knives

This tool is neat. It's an ultra-light and ultra-thin "credit card" knife that fits comfortably into your wallet.

(Normally $17 each)

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14 Days FREE Inside The XPrepper Alliance

This has been called by many of our members as "an absolute goldmine", and you get it free for 14 days!

You get instant access to over 150+ video tutorials, from experts all over the United States and the world.

These videos give you the know-how to deal with horrifying circumstances... teach you to master talents and skills that make a new way of life easier to handle... and show you trades and crafts to increase your state of readiness for almost any disaster.

At a steady pace, you get a grasp of 52 vital skills, shown to you step-by-step, because none of us were born knowing how to:

It's easily worth at least $745 to your family and prepares you for the worst of circumstances...

Each of the 52 categories in our training area has 2 to 7 videos -- that's more than 150+ video tutorials -- and we'll be adding to each category regularly.

Each video has the potential to save your life, the lives of your loved ones, or at the very least make all of you more comfortable and secure in the years ahead...

Would you pay at least $5 for each of the skills you've read about so far? To save your family from wild animal attacks? To keep your family from getting poisoned? To be able to make your own clothes and soap and water?

Our video training area is easily worth $745 when you consider what you'll be able to do once you absorb all the skills and abilities taught to you.

You get the plans you need when the next American crisis — a natural disaster, some kind of man made chaos, or a simple electricity blackout — brings chaos to your community.

While others go without power, medical care, and food, you will:

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You'll Wish For This When You Can't Turn To Google Or Wal-Mart During A Disaster...

Our video training area gives you a solid understanding of how to survive, make a living, and thrive, during a time when you can't turn to Google, grocery stores, or Wal-Mart for what you need to know and have and eat.

It spells out in clear, everyday language, free of technical jargon, lessons and trainings and teachings on how to...

And you get so much more in our video training area... like lessons on seeds, sewing, security, sanitation, swimming, transportation, weather, hygiene and more.

You have a one-stop place you can use to learn to...

And it doesn't end there. Inside our video training area, you get action steps to help you with homesteading, firearms, navigation, even psychological training tips. You'll be able to...

So, are you ready to get in on all this? Let's do this!

Yes, Let's Do This!

This offer won't last long, and absolutely ends when we run out of free Gear Packs!

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