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Please allow 5 to 7 business days for arrival. Shipped from 770 S 13th ST #7236, Boise, ID 83707

Thanks for letting me keep the equipment. What a great way to prepare for survival situations!

Frank M.

Just got it today and it's perfect! Easily fits in my wallet. It was super sharp right out of the packaging.

Alex V.

Super fast shipping, thanks

Spence W.

Thank you and 5 star customer service

Steven I

I enjoy all I got, thank you.

Tim G

I tell ya everything you have sent has been great my only problem I have is I have to hide it from the grandsons

Michael E

Hi there, the first item, (you sent two) are awesome, it stays in my wallet and I sent the other to a friend.

Dirk S

I really like getting these items, thank you.

Stacy W

I like it very much it fits in my glove compartment nicely and I use it at work all the time great idea

Brian F

Hello and thank you for the welcome as well as the opportunity to sharpen old skills and learn. I like your 'Hacks'

Roberto G

Got the gear, nice little tool works great on fileting a fish and skinning rabbits and other small game in a pinch. I keep 1 in my wallet the other in my bug out bag looking forward to testing more gear thanks

Edward S
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