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When Americans over-react in the midst of chaos, here's exactly what you should do instead...

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Soldiers and survival experts say, "What you better be doing during the countdown to chaos..."

My fellow American,

You've seen the news. You know it's coming...

Sooner or later, the next American crisis — a natural disaster, some kind of man made chaos, or a simple electricity blackout — will bring chaos to your community, but don't be scared, get prepared.

The truth is, there's little you can do to prevent the next crisis, but there's a lot you can do to get ready.

I'll tell you how — how to protect yourself, the people you love, and your possessions — how to survive by being ready for the worst, protected from violence, and prepared to prosper.

What You'll Learn:

The first 3 things that happen after almost any American crisis

The #1 Myth that will get most people killed... Will you be one of it's victims?

The top 5 survival skills you can use to thrive during chaos

How to prepare while on a shoestring budget

How much food should you stockpile?

The 4 best ways to keep your electricity on even if the whole grid goes down

5 deadly diseases that will explode during a major crisis

How to get your children all set and trained for the worst

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Here's what else I'll show you inside your free copy of The XPrepper System...

The #1 myth that will get most people killed... Will you be one of it's victims?

Everyday you see the commercials for survival seed packs, freeze dried foods, guns, bulk items, and much more. Now here's the myth...

Just Because You Have Supplies, Doesn't Mean You'll Survive

There are two things that will help you survive. One is supplies. The second is information. Let me give you some examples of what I mean...

You may have seeds. But do you know how to properly plant, harvest, and then preserve what you grow?

You may have a rifle. But do you know how to harvest the meat off a deer?

You may have first aid supplies. But do you know how to stitch a wound, run an I.V., or stop bleeding?

If you had the information to go with those supplies, you'd be able to build the skills you'll need to survive.

Since men have been in chaotic situations for thousands of years, we already know...

Top 5 skills you can use to survive and thrive during chaos...

Here they are:

1) Purify Water

Do you know how? Do you know...

  • What 3 things the World Health Organization says you must remove to truly purify water?
  • Water is safe once you boil it, right? WRONG!
  • How to use the sun to kill parasites, bacteria, and viruses in water?
  • The only kind of plastic bottle that can disinfect water?

2) Start a Fire

What happens when you run out of matches?

When your lighter doesn't work anymore?

Would you like to know...

  • 3 ways to start a fire and keep it burning... even if it's wet and dark outside with snow on the ground?

3) Get Nutritious Food Quickly

Not all seeds are created equal.

One time, I bought two 50-pound bags of black oil sunflower seeds for $70. I tried to sprout them for food but, oddly, none of them would grow. Then I found out why...

The seeds were made especially for bird feeders! Turns out, there are two ways seeds are treated chemically that make them NOT able to grow! But don't worry. Those seeds won't go to waste. I'll save them to attract birds... for a tasty delight of fresh meat when protein is scarce.

Things like this are why you need to know:

  • How to tell if seeds won't germinate before you buy them and...
  • One nutrient-rich food you can grow in 3 to 7 days, without much water, sometimes without soil, even in the dark, and is filled with protein, fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals

4) Administer First Aid

In The XPrepper System I give you...

  • 3 links to first aid training to cover the basics of many situations like: how to help a person choking so bad he can't breathe or speak, how to give CPR, how to control bleeding, how to cool and dress burns; plus tips for animal bites, joint dislocation, fainting and fever, food-borne illness, frostbite, heat exhaustion, heart attack, human bites, stroke, sunburn, and much much more

5) Defending Yourself

You can't afford to get hurt.

Hospitals and medical centers will be packed or out-of-business.

So you really need to know...

  • 5 ways to defend yourself from attackers, aggressors, and druggies
  • How a towel can train your family to defend themselves and better handle adrenaline in intense situations
  • 1 link to a video showing how to block a punch and put an attacker on his knees
  • How to turn a book, briefcase, pen, key, belts, bed sheet, bottle, shoe, stick, dirt, even a sidewalk into life-saving weapons
  • 1 link to a video showing how a necktie can save your life
  • 23 ways to defend your home and secure your perimeter
  • How red roses can force looters to break into someone else's home, and leave yours alone
  • An angry girl scout could break through most front doors. There are 2 reasons doors fail to keep bad people outside. See how to cheaply overcome both reasons and turn your door into a powerful barricade
  • When NOT to push someone out a window
  • Where a little slash can cause a fatal bleed-out

That's not even half of what you'll get in your copy of The XPrepper System.

And just in case you don't have enough cash to go buying tons of stuff, another module of The XPrepper System tells you...

How to prepare while you have time, but not much money

That's why we share how to:

  • How to prepare while you have time, but not much money
  • Best ways to "stock up" when you're on a budget
  • 4 ways to cheaply add to your food supply
  • Why not to use milk jugs to store drinking water. Two types of containers to use instead
  • The best way to store water in plastic bottles... to avoid chemicals leaching into your water and save the plastic from breaking down too soon

And you may be wondering...

How much food should you stockpile?

So you'll also find out:

  • What 3 kinds of seeds are most important to have since they'll keep you alive long-term?
  • How do you know how many calories you, and each person in your family, will need every day?
  • Why storing tons of ramen noodles isn't a good idea?
  • What's the most sure-fire way you'll get sick during a crisis?
  • 4 kinds of preserved foods
  • 9 reasons you want freeze-dried foods
  • 5 reasons dehydrated foods may NOT be a good idea
  • How to rotate your foods so nothing spoils, your appetite doesn't get bored, and your taste buds stay stimulated
  • Comfort foods! 8 delicious items you can store and use to de-stress and indulge

Plus, when the power goes out, wouldn't it be nice if you had nothing to worry about? Wouldn't it be nice if your air conditioner kept working? If you could keep your lights on and stay as comfortable as possible?

Of course!

That's why you immediately find out...

The 4 best ways to keep your electricity on even if the whole grid goes down

Rolling blackouts, winter storms, hurricanes, wildfires, drought, or terrorist attacks may lead to the power going out. Can you imagine having to live without power?

If you'd rather not go back to the Stone Age, download The XPrepper System now.

I'll give you the 4 best ways to keep your power on, just milliseconds after all your neighbors lose their electricity, so you can keep much of your lifestyle in tact, keep power flowing to your home, and make life as comfortable as possible during chaos and confusion.

You also learn:

  • The perfect short-term solution to a power outage
  • 3 long-term solutions preferred by many people

There's still more.

When the United States of America plunges into chaos, all kinds of things will happen to cause diseases to spread like wildfire. In fact there are...

5 deadly diseases that will explode during a major crisis

You won't be able to flush the toilet. Where will all that human waste go?

No one will come to collect your garbage. Where's it going to end up?

Poor diets will lead to bad immunity, so more people will get sick and then spread their sickness. The lack of healthy foods will make it impossible to get a healthy diet. Toxins stored in the bodies of obese people will rush into their veins as their bodies starve for food. This too will cause disease.

Cramped living conditions, lack of vitamins, and fatal disease outbreaks always happen as a result of war and famine... What should you do?

Prepare now.

Let The XPrepper System prepare you with:

  • Signs, symptoms, and tips to prevent and treat the top 5 deadly diseases most likely to hit epidemic levels during the coming crisis (when drugs aren't available)
  • Who is most at risk for each disease
  • The disease most likely to affect children who have contact with other children
  • Foods nevers to buy or eat during a crisis
  • "The Ultimate Medical Kit" - 91 items to have at-the-ready so you can deal with fever, burns, wounds, itchy skin, bug bites, fungus, teeth and mouth pain, blisters, muscle sprains, shin splints, allergies, asthma, cuts and scrapes, constipation, nausea, ear troubles, dry skin, warts, and much more
  • "The Extreme Bug-Out Bag" - Survive on your own for at least 72 hours. 3 kits you must have in your bug-out bag. 6 self-defense items that can handle druggies and zombies alike

One major issue at hand is children. That's why we make sure you know...

Steps to take to get your children all set and trained when the world goes to hell in a handbasket

Your children are your most prized possession.

So in The XPrepper System we show you:

  • How to get your children ready for the worst
  • How to give them comfort and confidence
  • How to use news and local emergencies to educate them
  • How to give them hope so they don't feel helpless
  • Best ways to teach young children without having to explain what an EMP attack is or what happens during the rapid decline of civilization
  • How "play pretend" games can give children the right attitude, prepare them for emergencies without scaring them, make your family unit stronger

Get all this and more when you download our new guide, The XPrepper System.

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Your children are your most prized possession.

So in The XPrepper System we show you: