Soldiers and survival experts say, "What you better be doing during the countdown to chaos..."

Discover the first 3 things most likely to happen after almost any crisis

The #1 myth that will get most people killed... Will you be one of it's victims?

And the top 5 skills you'll need to prosper during horrifying times

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When water plants go offline, here's how to treat contaminated water...

Drinking contaminated water will expose you to E. coli, Giardia, Typhoid, and other viruses.

Discover how to make enough fresh water for your family... how to make thousands of gallons of water when you need to... and you'll never worry about running out. You'll learn how to start saving water before disaster strikes too, plus...

How to know if water is safe to drink

How a towel and stove can turn filthy brown water into clean drinking water

1 item you probably already own that can make an almost unlimited supply of water

How to use the sun to disinfect water when you have no power or heat source

The best water filters for long-term use. These filters work for years

The best filter for your money

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INSANE! How to grow up to 10 times more vegetables in half the time!

You'll feel less stressed when it comes to feeding your family, even before the next American crisis.

You'll be able to have a nutritious diet and keep your immune system strong, while thousands, maybe millions of others are starving to death. You won't be helpless. You won't have to resort to crime to get food.

But don't go running to the store to buy seeds.

You need to know:

How to grow your own food... food you and your children will want to eat... with as little stress and frustration as possible

15 most-easy-to-grow vegetables

Seeds to buy if you want to harvest from them more than once

4 types of vegetable seeds

Seeds most likely to adapt to your local growing environment

What makes a seed truly an heirloom?

How to grow up to 10 times more vegetables in half the time

Two places I never buy seeds from

Why organic doesn't always mean organic

Other people sell similar information for as much as $27. It's all yours free today.

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